About Us


The Highest Ranking Buyers and Resellers in the Diagnostic Imaging Industry!

Optimum Medical Imaging is an imaging equipment wholesaler who purchases and sells all modalities of imaging equipment. We are a stocking dealer who controls our inventory. We have an office and a warehouse in Long Island NY and have over 10 years experience in the diagnostic imaging equipment industry.

Optimum Medical Imaging is your premier provider for all modalities of diagnostic imaging equipment. Should you be looking to sell your pre-owned imaging equipment, be sure to call Optimum Medical Imaging for your free fair market value assessment. Also, before you trade your diagnostic imaging equipment in, be sure to call Optimum as we are known to offer more money than you would have received on trade in.

Optimum Medical Imaging also provides refurbished diagnostic imaging equipment with a full turnkey solution. Should you need anything from an as small as an ultrasound or as sophisticated as a PET/CT scanner, we can tailor your next imaging project to best suit your imaging needs.

We have a NEW climate controlled warehouse facility located at 176-10 Central Avenue Farmingdale NY. We offer mechanical de-installation services of all modalities of imaging equipment. We also offer: crating, system prep, storage, ocean container shipments with multiple loading docks. We can procure, remove, store, install and deliver your next piece of imaging equipment under one roof! Let us impress you and give us a call or send us an E-Mail  for a quotation.