Don Tiedemann


President & CEO

Don Tiedemann is the CEO and catalyst behind Optimum Medical Imaging. He has 14 years experience in the Radiology Industry. He cemented a platform for himself back in 2004 where he prided himself to be an MRI savant. Throughout his career, his leadership skills carried him to an unmatched level and caliper that allowed him to enter the CT realm where he took off and was cross trained on multiple manufactures and models. In 2013, Don left his previous career to take some time off and decide where his next career path was headed. Due to his love for the Radiology Field, he decided to open up Optimum Medical Imaging. Since opening the company, his accolades helped him accomplish a portfolio that surpasses every aspect of what he imagined. Besides doing sales, Don oversees (4) employees, runs a warehouse, operates an export business and has now opened "Optimum Medical Imaging Services" which is the subsidiary operation to Optimum Medical Imaging. If you go into our news section, you can learn more about it! 

In his free time, Don enjoys traveling in warm climate, spending time with his wife, daughter, family and friends. He is an avid sports-fisher man and also enjoys dining, working out, lounging by the pool, boating and working on his home. He's the rock behind Optimum's name and represents Integrity, Honesty and Trust in every way imaginable. 

Don has a background in Physical Therapy and attended Farmingdale State University as a Business Management major. He played multiple sports and is an active part of his community.